IFLA President’s Meeting 2014

The meeting was held on 22-24 May in Helsinki, Finland and entitled ”Strong Libraries, Strong Societies: Impact of Libraries on Society”. It corresponded to current IFLA President Sinikka Sipilä’s Presidential theme. In addition to impact, new trends were also discussed and presented. These new trends are detailed in the IFLA Trend Report published in 2013. Kirjastokaista took the opportunity to learn more about these trends and asked various professionals from around the world about their insight and experiences.

Read more:
IFLA President’s Meeting 2014, http://blogs.helsinki.fi/iflapresidentsmeeting2014/
IFLA Trend Report. http://trends.ifla.org/

Reporter: Harri Annala
Filming: Tuomas Lipponen and Panu Somerma
Editing: Tuomas Lipponen
Production: Library Channel – Libraries.fi, 2014

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