PreNAB Lounge 2014 Part 1

Editors’ Lounge presents the 11th Annual Pre-NAB Discussion Panel with Debra Kaufman and featuring Terence Curren, Michael Kammes, Ramy Katrib and Mark Raudonis discussing the current state of editing and post-production, looking at what to expect for this year’s NAB and peering ahead to trends for 2014 and beyond. The event was held on Friday March 21st at Key Code Media in Burbank.

Jump straight to Discussion Topics:
02:35 HPA Tech Retreat
02:51 Archiving / storage
18:20 Ultra HD / 4K
29:03 8K
31:05 HDR (High Dynamic Range)
33:15 Camera review
36:58 Editing tools
39:20 “Cloud-based” editing
40:00 Redesigned Mac Pro
42:53 Frame rates
44:21 SDI vs IP switching

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