Dkoko 2016 Origins Collection

In this collection, we embark on a journey in search of our native roots. We find our spirit empowered in communion with nature. And by connecting with the energy of the land and sea, we’re reminded of all we’ve forgotten to remember.
The Origins Collection features versatile pieces designed for physically active women, both in and out of the water. Following a detailed study into the trends of Summer 2016, we’ve combined the latest in high-tech fabrics with textures and prints, to create elegant swimwear at the vanguard of style, with a perfect fit that always stays in place.
Our products our proudly made in Costa Rica.
Video by Urban Bones for Models Laura Ortega & Veronica Wessel. Surfer Emily Gussoni. Music by Alt-J

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MegaBreakfast II: Kim Dotcom and Mathias Ortmann

The second annual MegaBreakfast, run by the Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand, Auckland branch. This year featuring Kim Dotcom and Mathias Ortmann from Mega –

The Institute of IT Professionals NZ is the largest IT representative body in New Zealand and runs over 200 events each year across New Zealand, where experts and news makers are given the opportunity to give their perspective on current trends and events. Speakers include leaders and experts from the IT sector, news makers, opinion leaders, Ministers and senior officials from Government, and others.

Please see for more information (or for events in your area)

(The views expressed in this presentation are those of the speakers and not necessarily the views of the Institute)

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Rotas da Marrabenta – Música Moçambicana em Movimento

[PT] Rotas da Marrabenta é um documentário em curta-metragem sobre a trajetória da Marrabenta, expressão cultural do sul de Moçambique. Surgida no período colonial, a Marrabenta é uma mescla de ritmos tradicionais moçambicanos com elementos da música ocidental. Com o passar do tempo, ritmos e culturas se transformaram e continuam se transformando. Hoje a Marrabenta influencia novas tendências como o jazz, a dança contemporânea e o pandza, o que atesta a dinâmica da sociedade moçambicana, elemento central neste vídeo documentário.

[ENG] Rotas da Marrabenta is a documentary short film about the history of Marrabenta, cultural expression of southern Mozambique. Born in the colonial period, the Marrabenta is a mix of Mozambican traditional rhythms with elements of Western music. Over time, rhythms and cultures have become and continue turning. Today Marrabenta influence new trends such as Jazz, Contemporary Dance and Pandza, which attests to the dynamics of the Mozambican society, central element in this video documentary.

Direção / Director: Maurício Oliveira
Produção / Production: Fernanda Gallo
Direção de Fotografia / Director of Photography: Renan Santos

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