IZOD Photo Shoot Death Valley (long version)

Follow behind the scenes activities as VOORHEES STUDIOS photographs swim suit models in exotic settings with a fast pace crew. A day by day glimpse into what it takes to get the photos found in the glamour magazines, swim catalogs and websites throughout the world.
Also included you will find great fashion, accessories, new trends, creative photography and terrific make up and production design.
See behind the scenes activities of IZOD in Hawaii, and other well know brands shooting with Michael Voorhees in exotic locations around the world at his website michaelvoorhees.com and the associated Vimeo accounts.

See Vimeo Links to: ECO http://vimeo.com/73736668 IZOD Hawaii http://vimeo.com/35719206 REEBOK http://vimeo.com/68314056
Produced by Voorhies Studios, Principal Photography by the Voorhees crew and Editing by Paul Schneider

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