This rap song/video is in response to the disturbing vaginal cosmetic trends I have been reading about recently: vagacials, vajazzling, and labia dye-ing/snipping to create a perfect pink, hairless bejeweled pornstar chochas. I even read one story about a woman who had a prolapsed vagina (i.e. HER VAG FELL THE FUCK OUT) and didn’t find out about this until she went in to get her unsightly labias hacked off. OH WORLD, WHY DO YOU BEFUDDLE ME? The way I see things headed, there’s either going to be a backlash of righteous hairy beavers runnin amok, or women will begin to pay thousands of dollars to have their vaginas replaced with a smooth plastic barbie crotch. And since we’re in a recession, women will have no other choice other than to take their unsightly vaginas to cheapo back-alley barbie crotch cosmetologists and suffer great disfigurements. And for what?? Does anyone actually look at your crotch that much???!!! Ladies please. End the madness. Join the Sascrotch movement. DO IT FOR FREEDOM.

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