Brasstronaut “Hawk”

Maud Van Breemen filmed Pink, in 1977, to contrast the exploitation and slasher films of the time. Her whimsical colour study was in direct opposition to abject trends set by films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This music video takes her film as a catalyst for creative interpretations in all mediums. The works have been created by artists and non-artists of all backgrounds, and were displayed at an art gallery in Vancouver as a surprise for Maud and Casey.

Pink stars the young Casey Van Breemen, Maud’s husband. Their son is Edo Van Breemen, vocalist and keyboardist of Brasstronaut.

“Hawk” by Brasstronaut
from the self-titled album, Brasstronaut

Hybridity Records (N.A.)
Tin Angel Records (Europe)

CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS (listed alphabetically)
Aaron Read
Chad Murray
Cole Kush
Ehren Salazar
Elke Van Breemen
Grady Mitchell
John Burgess
Joel Cares
Katrin Braga
Kyle MacDonald
Michael Markowsky
Ouro Collective
Stephen Mullally

Video by Anthem Jackson
Camera – David Ehrenreich, Cole Kush, and Mark Edwards
Makeup – Larissa Boland
Wardrobe – Jennifer Worms
Stills – Grady Mitchell

Special thanks to the Van Breemen family!

Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.

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