I’m that angel (shorter excerpt)

Tyler Coburn
“I’m that angel”
Book and performance
Recorded at The Google Building, New York
Total running time: 35 minutes
Actor: Justin Sayre

“I’m that angel” explores the conditions of how we work on and against the computer, narrated from the perspective of a “content farmer”: an online journalist contracted to generate articles based on words peaking in Google Trends.

As part of this project, I arrange readings and tours at data centres worldwide, including Google New York, Google Zurich and the infamous “WikiLeaks Bunker” of Bahnhof Stockholm. These events expose the sites where “the cloud” is kept—where we encounter the material doubles of our virtual selves as data stored in server form.

Rather than concede to the seeming intractability of cognitive capitalism, “I’m that angel” potentiates new critical operations through shared access, listening and discussion. Across its parts, the project argues for a renewed consideration of the immanent horizons of subjectivity, sociability and creativity.

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