Afriqua Brand Identity: Logo Animation

Sidestepping the thinning membrane of today’s inflated trends, Afriqua (aka Adam Longman Parker) forgoes specialization in any particular genre, all the while achieving equilibrium between youthful inventiveness and a mature artistic philosophy. Parker demonstrated instrumental dexterity at a young age through his studies of classical piano, skills which would translate to DJing and turntablism at age 10.

While studying piano at the Interlochen Arts Academy, Adam Longman Parker quickly took an interest to music production, which would complement his classical studies a few years later at The Royal Academy of Music in London.

With a fresh awareness of the global electronic music scene, a revived interest in DJing, and an unyielding passion for discovery, Parker has settled into a constant creative flow living in Berlin. Informed equally by the minimal, unrefined hip-hop of the early 2000s in Virginia and the thematic exploration of 20th century composition, Parker’s innovative releases have seen success and support on renowned labels including Tiefschwarz’s Souvenir Music, 2nd Drop Records, F4T Music, and Lokee Musik.


Adam Longman Parker asked me to design a brand identity for his musical alter ego, Afriqua, that conveys his equilibrium between sophisticated classical and experimental electronic music.

Combined with a modern approach, the identity reflects this balance with a classic serif logotype, including a custom logomark. The A is able to hold a dynamic mix of content – photographs, paintings and graphics – which combines Adam’s interest for art and music. The identity has been incorporated to Afriqua’s website and preferred social medias.

Agency: Freelance
Client: Afriqua
Creative Field(s): Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design.
Credits: Thorbjørn Gudnason
Track: Afriqua – Three Songs With Words Remixed By Jack Dixon
Type: Professional
Year: 2014

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