Subjective Open Data

The Subjective Open Data project is a design fiction, reflecting on the on the growing trends of Big Data, Quantified Self and the Internet of Things.

For the project, we developed a fictional book, the Subjective Open Data manual, which simulates a seminal book to utilize subjective data for “human datapoints”.

The rest of the project explores fictional use cases of subjective open data, covering an emotional compass, which leads to emotional states, emotional talismans, which invoke desirable emotions. We also cover the darker side of this fiction, by using subjective data to control access control into urban space.

Peter Kun
Caroline Peta Comino

Goran Savičić, atelier leader / Hrvoje Kedžo, atelier coordinator

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Department of Botany’s 2012 John Tennant Lecture – Professor Lesley Hughes

Climate change in Australasia: Challenges, Risks & Gaps?

This talk covers the latest global and Australasian trends in observed and projected climate change, and identify the key risks these changes pose for Australia & New Zealand.

The similarities and contrasts between how Australian and New Zealand scientists and policy makers are approaching potential future challenges are also discussed, and important research gaps highlighted.

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Adoptable Trends

Find out more at We’re renaming shelter dogs after trending news to increase their online exposure and chances of …


Walking, Tasting Menu

At The Future Laboratory’s Food and Drink Futures Forum 2015 attendees were treated to a Walking, Tasting Menu. Guests ate their way through the trends, sampling culinary delights from Blanch & Shock that included a Trash-to-Table menu, the ever popular bone broth, and a textural comparison between BBQ pulled pork and BBQ jackfruit in contemplation of possible meat replacements.

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Papia – Dress Mapping

Year // Yıl : 2015
Agency // Ajans : Yasin Soy

Mapping has found fashion, fashion has found art! As ArtNPars, offering technology and design together, acting on the latest trends with the vision of following and being innovative, for the first time in Turkey, a dress mapping was held on 5 February 2015, Çırağan Palace. We are living in pride of creating a first with complementary visuals given individually to the costumes of the Burçe Beklek on stationary live mannequins and the scene backwards.

Mapping modayla, moda sanatla buluştu! Teknoloji ve tasarımı bir arada sunan, son trendleri takip eden ve yenilikçi olma vizyonuyla hareket eden ArtNPars olarak, 5 Şubat 2015’de Çırağan Sarayı Balo Salonu’nda gerçekleşen Hayat Kimya Papia Rusya Lansmanı etkinliğinde Türkiye’de ilk defa gerçekleştirilen Dress Mapping etkinliğine imza attık. Sabit canlı mankenler üzerindeki Burçe Bekrek tasarımlı kıyafetlere ve sahneye ayrı ayrı verilen, birbirini tamamlayan görseller ile bir ilk yaratmanın gururunu yaşıyoruz.

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Do the Deed Web Video

Agency: Greteman Group
Produced by: Intake Studios

Intake Studios is a full-service video production and motion design boutique. Staffed by professionals with backgrounds in broadcast production, graphic design, advertising and marketing, Intake prides itself as being a creative extension to its clients abilities. All projects are approached with an eye on great design and an undying passion to create on-target, visually stunning work. This passion is what drives us to push boundaries and explore creative and innovative ways to communicate the messages of our clients.

Formed in 2004, Intake has continued to grow and mold itself with the changing trends and advancements in technology. Although recognized locally, regionally, and nationally with awards, Intake Studios’ greatest rewards come in the form of respect and appreciation we receive from our clients.

Intake’s clients consist of advertising agencies, design firms and corporations with various needs including television commercial production, trade show/presentation videos, web-based video elements and animation.

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