Ziba UI work with TDK

This project designed interfaces for the 2011 TDK Life on Record Audio Line. In reviving the TDK brand, our team of interaction and industrial designers sought to deliver a level of richness in the listening experience that is generally absent in modern digital speaker systems. The product line — two boomboxes, a turntable, headphones and a compact SoundCube speaker — combines modern and reminiscent elements in both its physical design and interface.

The result is unique in the consumer electronics arena: a range of listening devices that accommodates modern formats and habits, but with a hybrid digital/analog interface that blends tactility with precision, simplicity with warmth. Details like machined aluminum control knobs, integrated music visualizers and exposed speaker cones make the sound visible; contextual touchscreens pare the traditionally cluttered boombox face down to an immaculately clean multi-functional interface.

In total, these interfaces offer music lovers the chance to connect with digital music in a way that was once reserved for analog — socially, intensely and out loud. A fitting achievement for a brand that was so instrumental to ushering in the mixtape generation.

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