FringeStream – Food

As part of The Sound’s continuing exploration on trends around the fringes of culture, we’ve dug deep into a topic that tempts us all: food. We’ve unearthed some interesting findings that recognize how the simultaneous celebration of food culture and turmoil of traditional food systems have led to mainstream confusion over what to eat.

Here, we caught up with Michael Moll, co-founder and CEO of My Green Space. (

My Green Space is an app that makes it possible for anyone to grow their own food garden and avoid 80% of mistakes made by first-time and early growers. Moll describes the essence of his food revolution by stating, “My goal is to get so big we can buy Monsanto and shut them down!”

He believes the way we currently get our food is environmentally destructive and that the best defense against destruction from big food industries is to build a garden.

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