Horizons 2015: STEFANIE JONES “Psychedelics, Partying, and Policy”

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Stefanie’s program is found at www.drugpolicy.org/musicfan

Stefanie Jones
Nightlife Community Engagement Manager, Drug Policy Alliance

“Psychedelics, Partying, and Policy”
The vast majority of psychedelic drug use takes place outside of medical or therapeutic settings – and likely always will. What are the trends and future of drug use, harm reduction and policy at festivals, clubs and concerts? Is there a path toward ending the criminalization of MDMA and other psychedelics or even legalizing them more broadly?

Biography: Stefanie Jones is nightlife community engagement manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, based in New York. She runs the Music Fan program, which introduces harm reduction principles and drug policy alternatives to partygoers, event producers, public health officials and city nightlife regulators across the United States.

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