Puff Up _ Instant Hutong

PUFF UP is a short preview chapter of a longer video animation called BLINKING CITY, which will be part of the “Across Chinese Cities: Beijing” event, promoted by Beijing Design Week during the next International Biennale of Architecture 2014 in Venice.

BLINKING CITY plays with the idea of fast pace changes in contemporary Asian cities by showing an overlapping of ever-changing temporary spaces and suggesting a series of improving possibilities, trends, spatial concepts that define progressively an aesthetic merging of forms and colours inspired by a nomadic and itinerant urban geography.

Project title: BLINKING CITY _video animation
length: 14 mins (preview 2,33 mins)
year: 2014 concept: Instant Hutong
video editing: Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani
collaborators: Giulia Albertini
contact: www.instanthutong.com

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