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The Canton Silk is one of the famous traditional fabrics of Guangzhou with 400 years history. We will develop this dyeing technique by applying it to other fabrics. To create a modern collection that could arouse the attention of the public, bring back the trends for the contemporary Asian woman.
The dyeing technique of Canton Silk has 400 years history already. The production uses solar energy which is clean energy, environmental friendly. In the 1930s, Canton Silk was a major commodity in large cities as Beijing and Shanghai. However, during World War II, Chinese Civil War, the economy was heavily disrupted. After the Cultural Revolution, Chinese costume was abandoned. Nowadays, Chinese costume is no longer popular. Most women may wear this only during some Chinese festivals or certain occasions only. We would like to develop a modern collection by using Canton Silk and traditional Chinese Needlework that could arouse the attention of the public, try to bring back the trends and common usage as daily clothing.
Canton silk were used in the past because it is durable and comfortable to wear due to it being hand and water resistance, and purported to be easy to clean. These reasons continue to draw people to this fabric today moreover aesthetically the unusual sheen and drapes entice the eye. Since silk is a renewable resource and the fabric coloration utilizes natural plant dyes, river mud, sunshine, and manual labour, at face value Canton silk appears ecologically sustainable. The Canton silk fabric is a unique summer-weight material that became popular in the 40s and 50s south of the Five Ridges – the area spanning Pearl River Delta. Our vision is through creativity and design we can conserve the value of this fabric which represents traditional culture and craftsmanship.

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