Huckberry x Tellason – Behind the Brand

Some people start businesses because they see a good opportunity or think it could be fun. Others start their businesses because they’re so passionate that they can’t imagine doing anything else. Tellason Denim is one of those brands. We first got to know Pete and Tony during the early days of Huckberry, when the idea of USA-made craft denim was just starting to pick up steam. These days, they’re good friends of ours and considered veterans of the denim industry, which is why we decided it was high time to get the official origin story and do a Behind the Brand collaboration with them. There’s not much room for improvement to Tellason’s jeans: They come in a variety of cuts to suit every body type and style sensibility and they’re all made from the highest quality White Oak denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina. To put our own spin on things, we chose Tellason’s signature Elgin fit for a trim silhouette that still allows plenty of ready-for-anything mobility and added tonal stitching to the mix, for a look that can be dressed up a little more for nights out on the town. Made right here in the heart of San Francisco, Tellason prides itself on making all-American jeans that are built to last. Raw denim — denim that hasn’t been washed or treated in any way prior to you putting them on — evolves along with you, fitting to your body in the same way a pair of good leather boots mold to your feet like a second skin. Forget about the latest trends: Tellason continues to be timeless.

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