Nine Ways To Evolve Your Branch Model and Improve Performance Webinar

Retail banking leaders from Umpqua to ING, and Mango to Vancity, have successfully evolved their future branch models to adapt to a wave of new mobile and online technologies and competitive pressure on branches to perform and attract young generations of new consumers. Other FI’s are struggling to decide whether to add branches, enhance their network, or start closing doors. But few have figured out exactly what’s working and what’s not. Or even where to start.

Mark Weber, one of North America’s leading prototype branded branch strategists, will lead you to new insights on creating a “disruptive” new branch model to set your brand completely apart, leverage new technologies and accelerate profitable growth.

You’ll learn emerging financial branch transformation trends in:

• Why you need a new business model, not a new branch design
• Using branch technology to link channel integration
• Why the shift from retail to hospitality
• Driving new revenue streams from profitable product staging
• What drives wallet share growth – and what doesn’t
• Standing apart on values, vision and commitment
• Localization can help – or hinder branch success
• Why you need brand differentiation
• What’s the perfect size branch of the future

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