Hive45 Singularity Podcast #51 – Hivemind Activism

Proof of the hivemind for this week ending the 13/03/11: a new creepy-looking humanoid robot, software algorithms beginning to replace lawyer work, draw on the whiteboards in our house, the greatest TED talk this year by far of an MIT scientist tracking his son’s first words and applying the same technique to the social networking arena, and we discuss activism within hiveminds – good thing or bad?

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Stories covered this week:
Incredibly Realistic Robot the Geminoid DK Expensive, Lawyers Replaced By Cheaper Software, 9Crawford – Draw on Our House Whiteboards, MIT Scientist Captures First 90.000 Hours Of Son’s Life & First Words, TEDTalk: The Birth of a Word [AMAZING], Watch Connections Documentary Series Online, The inside Story of Anonymous Vs HBGary, AnonNews, Anon Hacks Westboro Baptist Church Live on Air, Dusty The Cat, UCLA Chick’s Racist Rant About Asians

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