Clara Hill feat. Mira Mode Orchestra | 25.03.2011 in Berlin

While she is busy working on her fourth solo album, Berlin musician Clara Hill still has time for an exciting orchestra project.

After three albums on Sonar Kollektiv and countless tours all over the world, she has constantly developed her own musical language with the focus firmly on genre-spanning, strong compositions far removed from musical trends. Digital in Berlin presented first time live on stage.

The Mira Mode Orchestra is a young twelve piece Berlin collective of musicians led by the composer Ede Merkel and including a full rhythm section, 3 horns and five string players. Besides their own compositions and new arrangements they will also be performing new previously unheard songs from the forthcoming Clara Hill album.

The new album will be a journey through a multitude of musical directions. It is by design a multi-genre album so as to not be limited or constrained musically or stylistically. | |

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