Pragmatopia Trailer

A trailer for the short film, Pragmatopia, written and directed by Pixie Cram. (Science-fiction, 22 minutes, 2019)

Two young women journey from the outskirts of the city to a radioactive area deep in the woods. Along the way they encounter a young drifter. As they travel together they are forced to confront their new reality.

“Cram’s film presents a vision of a ruined future that is markedly different from current media trends in post-apocalyptic fiction. Instead of the usual fear, mistrust, paranoia and violence, Cram’s approach to the genre is an embrace of hope, community and the small joys of living simply. Although the film has its fair share of darker moments, PRAGMATOPIA is a rare breath of optimism in uncertain times.”
— Christopher Rohde, Director, Mirror Mountain Film Festival

With Sage Wright, Matthieu Halle, Katrina Bray and Sonya Nagpal
Cinematography by Ben Hoskyn
Sound by Kevin Komaranski
Music by Jeff Morton, performed by Heather Sita Black and Katrina Bray
Editing by Pixie Cram and Allison Moore
Costumes by Jo-Ann Oosterman
Art Direction by Dan Gainsford
Artwork by Carl Ruttan
Trailer edited by Lesley Marshall

The filmmaker is grateful for the support of the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Ottawa and SAW Video Media Art Centre.

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