Matthew Rodrigues Entertainment Hosting Reel

Matthew is the San Francisco reporter of POPSUGAR Now! Whether he’s sharing the latest Hollywood headlines; talking the latest trends in fashion, health, and beauty; or interviewing one of the country’s hottest celebrities, Matthew has helped to make POPSUGAR Now! one of the most fun and entertaining shows around. His funny, personal moments with stars of the stage and screen have included Chloë Moretz, Macklemore, Chris Rock, Chris Pratt, Viola Davis, Hugh Jackman, Jason Bateman, and Daniel Radcliffe. Matthew has gossiped with the ladies of The Talk, traveled cross-country as an official guide for AOL Travel, ambushed street walkers on the popular style show Eat My Bag and has also been an integral presence on the red carpets of numerous theater ceremonies, including the Drama Desk and Tony Awards. Formerly a behind-the-scenes figure on shows like The View, Matthew is now charming his way through America’s homes five days a week and loving every minute of it.


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