Sustainability Is Good Business

Student Project for Understanding Context Course
Faculty: Matt Mayfield and Stan Ruecker
Student: Laura Mattis

Most CEOs think sustainability is important to their success, but only half implement good practices. Laura Mattis shows us that sustainability isn’t a line item financial metric, quick fix or marketing ploy, but an opportunity to raise a businesses profile in the public eye and become a shining example for today and future generations.

Course Description: Understanding the context of a particular design challenge is critical to ensuring an insightful and reliable solution. Most design challenges today require an astute understanding of the many dynamics at play to see a path forward. Context in this sense is the surrounding landscape of trends and influences across all aspects of design from brand, form, and interaction to platforms, IP, and underlying business models. This project is part of a specific and brief (2 weeks) exploration into the topic of sustainability as it pertains to design efforts.

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