Incubate Pirate Conference #1: Matt Mason Keynote

The Pirate Conference at the Incubate Festival 2010 took place on September 17, 2010. The Pirate Conference offers reflection on the comprehensive piracy-program of Incubate Festival and on the value of creation in society. What do artists think about the current state of issues? How can they best react to the current operation of copyright? What strategies, tactics and interventions can be used? How do we shape creativity and innovation as a society, and what could businesses learn from these tactics?

The keynote speech was given by Matt Mason, recently proclaimed Pirate of the Year by Week Bussines. He earned this title as author of the book Piracy, which topped both Amazon’s economy and rap/hip hop bestseller lists. Mason was a DJ at a pirate radio station and a club in London, produced TV series, comics, videos and records, and his articles have appeared in The Guardian, The Independent and Vice among others. In his book Mason shows how operating methods of various underground scenes and trends have become global industries over the past years.

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