NN: The Cycle of Life (International DEF)

NN Group launches “The Cycle of Life” film project
Emotive film shows people from 0 – 100 stating what truly matters to them
AMSTERDAM, October 4, 2015

To follow up on the recent launch of its new brand mantra, ‘You Matter’, NN is launching an emotive film that explores how what matters to each of us, changes over the course of a lifetime.

The film features people between the ages of 0 – 100, from all across Europe, answering the same simple question – ‘what truly matters to you right now?’ The reactions show clear trends about how what matters changes to each of us as we age.

Iulia Cirtina, International Communications Manager at NN Group said: “We loved the ambition of finding people of every single age and the simplicity of asking them the same question. The result has really surprised us and taught us a lot about our ever-evolving customer base.”

Rikki Khanna, Partner and co-founder of creative agency KhannaReidinga, said: “After saying ‘You Matter’ it was really important that we proved that NN is genuinely interested in what matters to people. Showing how this changes over the course of lifetime seemed like a really interesting and unique way to do this”.

The film was shot in Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey and The Netherlands with the small crew clocking up over 8,000 km and conducting more than 500 interviews.

An international version as well as individual country versions will launch on social media throughout October. The Turkish version is already live.

Links to country specific versions can be supplied upon request.

Agency: KhannaReidinga
Client: NN Group – Christian Bohlke, Iulia Cirtina.
Production Company: Czar Junior
Director: Kay Lindhout
Production Manager: Julius van ‘t Hek
Producer: Marius van de Weerd
Executive producer: Karlijn Paardekooper
Editor: Amber Hooijmans
Sound Design: Juno Jimmink
Online/grading: The Compound

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