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Welcome to Hotrod Empire, Inc.!
This volume of photography at hand is a portrait of the european old-school Hot Rod & Kustom Kulture scene. Besides Hot Rods & Kustoms, rockabilly-, rockabella- and rock´n´roller lifestyle takes center stage, because the old-school Hot-Rod scene consists of more than driving an old jalopy.

It´s the rock´n´roll spirit, the kick-ass punkrock, the psychobilly, it´s about freedom and fuck-off attitude. A bow to ancient times, linked with fun and melancholia, beautiful classic pin-ups instead of modern fashion victims and fading mayflies. That is what it´s all about.

About the people, the art and the rock´n´roll lifestyle apart from ordinary trends, which are dictated by the media. The spirit of the 50´s and 60´s, friendship, value and party. People, doing their thing, shouting out „fuck the world“! And many other things, that you can´t explain in a few lines. Therefore, less text, more photos explaining themselves. Thank you all, you know who you are!

Dirk Behlau, aka „The Pixeleye“, born in 1971, is a professional designer and photographer from Cologne/Germany. Since 1999, he creates individual high-class solutions for international customers in his design-studios „Pixeleye Interactive“. He prefers shooting „Kool Lifestyle“: american cars from the 30´s till 70´s, classic glamorous pin-ups, rockstars and uncommon peoplewith attitude. He works worldwide for international publications and brands.

Hotrod Empire, Ltd. is his second photo-book about the old-school Hot Rod / Kustom Kulture scene – his photos arise from the center of the action among like-minded people, international artists and friends.

Hotrod Empire Inc. – Photography by Dirk Behlau
128 pages, colour & b/w
Size: 28×20 cm, Landscape format, Hard-/Softcover
Language: English

Release Date: 2.December 2008
Publisher: Huber Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
ISBN: 978-3-927896-25-3

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