ASERL Webinar: “Trends in ASERL Library Website Design”

This presentation reports on a recent study by Dave Comeaux of LSU Libraries that examined key design elements of the 37 ASERL academic library websites and how they have changed between 2012 and 2015. This research had two main goals:
• To present an objective analysis of the navigation and search interface designs at research university library websites;
• To assess the usage of web-scale discovery systems and content management systems in libraries.
Other areas explored include: date of most recent redesign, and use of mobile-friendly/responsive design.

The presentation emphasizes search interface design used by ASERL library websites. Most ASERL library sites use either a tabbed or a single search box; as such, this presentation examines trends relating to search box design and highlight some innovative approaches used by libraries. The presentation also includes a holistic review of other interface design trends and a discussion of some of the latest redesigns.

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