BOEN Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends – ESSENTIAL

ESSENTIAL is one of three interior and lifestyle trends for 2017 developed by trend expert Gudy Herder ( and brought to you by .

Looking back at our roots as humans, also looking back into history and the many forgotten crafts – with the trend ESSENTIAL we dig into the archives of mankind, whilst keeping in mind that new is not always better.

BOEN develops most natural wooden floors. The hand-crafted range is a response to the trend ESSENTIAL. Elements like cracks, knots, heartwood, for example, are emphasized and form the specific character of these products. Every single board undergoes a hand-crafted procedure. The boards surface is treated with special tools to emphasize its unique character and is protected with natural oil. BOEN hand-crafted products are: Oak Espressivo, Oak Epoca, Oak Vintage White, Oak Antique Brown.

Filmed with BMD URSA Mini, Samyang XEEN EF 24mm T/1.5, Samyang XEEN EF 85mm T/1.5 in Barcelona (Spain) and Mölln (Germany).

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Fotos: Samuel Zeller, Shane Albuquerque, Elijah Hail, Jon Flobrant, Lacey Raper, Quino Al, Dustin Lee, Annie Spratt, Mikesh Kaos, Stephanie Fox, Ross Sokolovski, Vidar Kristiansen, Filip Cernak, Brooke Cagle, Andrey Trusov, Clark Young, Zhoo Clem Onojeghuo, Bruno Tarsia, Jacqueline Fink / Little Dandelion, Talia Mukmel, Konstantin Kofta for InAisce, Josua Vogel, Atelier1250, Stephen Banken, Bruno Tarsia
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