palos verdes real estate market trends for june 2015 The second oldest saying in real estate after “Location, Location, Location” is “Real Estate Is All Local”, meaning there really is no such thing as a “national” real estate market. All that really matters is what’s going on in your neighborhood, MLS area, and micro-region; for example, the Greater South Bay area, or Palos Verdes Estates or the Palos Verdes Peninsula. And keeping in mind that real estate is a commodity and as such its price is only effected by the forces of supply and demand, this market report that I do at the end of each and every month, focuses on just that – supply and demand. So what IS happening in the local markets? What direction are Palos Verdes homes going? What are Palos Verdes home values and what are the general trends for South Bay homes? You can find out this and more here

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