New Energy Events – Global Energy Trends Webinar – February 2014

Global Energy Trends 2014: Impact on the Caribbean
Identifying the trends in the global energy markets which will shape decision-making and the development of renewables in the Caribbean in 2014

Topics will include:
• Where is the price of oil heading in 2014?
• As a major Caribbean utility investigates shipping CNG from Florida into the Caribbean, how will the continuing “revolution” in natural gas shape the energy generation environment in 2014 and beyond?
• Can the Caribbean continue to count on Venezuela and Petrocaribe?
• Solar stocks in the U.S. are booming. What implications, if any, does robust investor interest in solar have on the development of distributed and utility scale solar in the Caribbean?
• Will the growing resistance amongst U.S. utilities to incentives for renewables shape the policy and utility
approach to renewables in the Caribbean?
• What are we seeing in terms of pricing trends of renewable energy equipment (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.)?
How will this impact the economics of renewables in the Caribbean?
• How will technology and pricing trends in energy storage impact the development of renewables in the Caribbean?
• Will capital flow, and where? To the Caribbean’s long-touted geothermal projects, for example? To the winners of last year’s renewable energy RFP in Jamaica?
• Is regional interconnection off the table? Sub-regionally, is there a different story to be told? Will Nevis connect to St. Kitts, for example, Dominica to Martinique? Are these “projects” on the short-term horizon

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