Homo Futura_Macro Trends_Unilever_Mood Film

Homo Futura is a mood film made for the corporate brand Unilever. The Macro trends mood films were created to help develop Unilever’s marketing and production plans for the next 5 years. Each film looks into a specific area.

Homo Futura focuses on the future of bio-sciences, and how it will enable us to have a better understanding of our genes and the environment around us, which in turn will allow us, to manipulate them to create our own self-healing materials through bio-ware and bio-synthetics, to enhance our human lives.

These films were created by me doing research into finding found footage and visuals that were relevant to the written script. They were cut together with music, and then they were finished off with the script being graphically overlaid. Courtesy of Spring Studios.

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