5 Best Gimbal Stabilizer for Phone and Action Camera

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If you are a vlogger or a filmmaker and youwant to get a reliable and handy gimbal for take your best shoots with your smartphone,then it is the best video for you.

In this video I discuss about Best 5 handheldGimbal stabilizer for your smartphone.

I also discuss those features and specifications.

So, let’s talk about it.


Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer:-Zhiyun smooth-Q is a compact 3- axis professional smart gimbal and stabilizer for your smartphoneand it is very easy to perform accurate and quick in different position.

It has free switch between standard and verticalshooting position.

It also has auto tracking mode by expendableupdated APP.

The USB port at the bottom supports 5V/2000mApower output, so you can charge your phone while shooting.

The built-in 26650 Li-ion battery gives you12-hours continuous ultra-long work time.


DJI Osmo Mobile Handheld Stabilized Gimbal:- You can capture stabilized handheld footagewith polished and professional video with DJI Osmo.

It is works with DJI Go app.

You also can shoot time-lapses and panoramashort with it.

It has dedicated Shutter and Record buttons.

Even you can set manual ISO and white balancesettings.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity.

It has 1 LR44 batteries included.

DJI GO App allows you to track every momentautomatically.

But active track is not compatible with iPhone5s and iPhone 5.


AIbird Uoplay 2 Handheld Gimble :-AIbird Uoplay 2 Handheld stabilizer for steady jitter free video shooting on your smartphone.

It has 3 axis stabilization with face trackingfeature.

It is suitable for 5.

5 inches smartphonesand GoPro Action cameras.

It supports iOS 9.

3 or Android 4.

4 and aboveversion for motion time-lapse photography with one-click shooting.

You can shoot up to 3 to 5 Hours with 1.

8Hours charging.

It can stabilize without touching your phonefor its Smart app controls.


Smooth Q 3 Axis Gimbal Smartphone Stabilizer:- Smooth Q can capture stabilized handheld footageand give polished and professional feel videos like cinematic look.

It has built-in Lithium Ion battery whichsupporting up to 12-hour runtime.

It is super easy to shoot and easily turnyour phone into a motion camera.

It has also instant manual zooming and objecttracking features.


JSD Pro FeiyuTech SPG Newest Version 3-AxisHandheld Gimbal :- This JSD Pro 3-Axis gimbal comes with splash-proofdesign with 4-Way Joystick.

You can achieve the real real-time smartphonefocusing when shooting for its joystick and trigger button.

Its weight is 880 g.

It also comes with a 22650mah li-ion battery,so you can record up to eight hours.

It also has 360° limitless panning axis.

It supports iPhone, Samsung, Huawei 50mm-80mmwidth Smartphones and GoPro Hero action cameras.

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