Best Smartphone Gimbal 2021 [ Buyer’s Guide ]

Hey guys!  In this video, we're going to look at the top five Smartphone Gimbals available on the market today.

   We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews.

We've considered   their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible.

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So, here are the top five Best Smartphone Gimbal  The fifth product on our list is the FeiyuTech Vimble 2S.

  Known as one of the most affordable gimbals on the market, FeiyuTech Vimble 2S acts as   a selfie stick and a smartphone gimbal.

 This unit has been around for a while now,   offering the best results to its users.

It has an extended length of not more than 6 inches,   making it versatile and useful for vlogging and capturing a large group in selfie mode.

  Like most smartphone gimbals, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth, has a shutter button   that enables you to operate your camera without touching your phone, and supports built-in cameras   for iOS and Android system smartphones.

Its new smartphone mount design makes it easy to change   shooting directions by switching from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

To keep your camera's   focus, slightly position the screen with your finger and follow with deep stimulation.

  This gimbal's other features include a motor lock design that allows a 320degree tilting angle,   a new trigger button with a quick settings function that enables you to shoot hands-free,   and a self-adaptation control that stabilizes your smartphone while mounting.

This smartphone   gimbal is compatible with a variety of iOS and Android devices and has a battery life that lasts   up to 10 hours.

It also has a micro USB port that you can use to charge your smartphone.

  Its pros are: – Its arm   can extend up to 6 inches – It has a decent stabilization performance; and  – This gimbal is simple and has an intuitive control system.

  However, – Its battery does not last for long.

  Still, FeiyuTech Vimble 2S is a great budget-friendly smartphone gimbal that   has a nice feature for taking low angle shots.

If this is what you are looking for, go for it!  Up next in fourth place is the MOZA Mini P.

The MOZA Mini P is an ultra-compact 3-axis   motorized gimbal stabilizer designed primarily for compact cameras, smartphones, mirrorless cameras,   and action cameras weighing between 0.

3 and 2pounds.

Whether you are a vlogger or an   adventurist looking for a gimbal compact enough to travel with or capture your everyday life,   then this gimbal is perfect for you.

It has an enhanced camera control on   the Mini-P's handle, enabling you to control your device's camera.

   Switching between horizontal and vertical modes is quick and easy with this gimbal.

   It also features motion functions such as FPV, sport, vertigo, slow motion, and inception modes   that allow you to customize your creative video style for some clear, smooth, and steady videos.

  This device's foldable nature makes it portable to carry around since it can easily   fit into your day bag or backpack.

Once fully charged, the battery can last up to 20hours.

   Moreover, its three-axis motor lock design makes it easy to balance.

It also prevents   damage during storage and protects the body's appearance from damage.

Lastly,   MOZA Mini P offers 360 degrees pan axis, 330 degrees tilt axis, and 330 degrees roll motion.

  Its pros are: – It has a sturdy build   – It is easy to use; and- It is compatible with several   androids and IOS devices.

However,   – You may need to use the app to get an accurate battery level.

  Most users want a smartphone gimbal with smooth capture movement and fast-charging batteries.

   The MOZA Mini P meets both categories.

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  The third product on our list is the DJI Osmo Pocket.

  The stability, portability, and compact nature of the DJI Osmo Pocket is remarkable.

Not only   is this unit a smartphone gimbal, but a camera as well.

It is one of the smallest 3-axis stabilized   handheld cameras ever designed by DJI that can transform any video or camera moment into a   cinematic memory.

This gimbal is super-small compared to the others in the market.

  It is convenient, compatible with a wide range of iOS and Android devices.

It also features various   functions.

The Osmo Pocket is proof that size doesn't matter when it comes to performance.

Its   camera specs are quite impressive, snapping photos at 80-degree FOV and focal length of 2.

0 aperture.

   Moreover, it records videos at 4k/60fps at 100Mbps with a 1/2.

3-inch sensor.

  This gimbal is great for short clip vlogging as the battery is built to last for about 140 minutes   when fully charged.

The ActiveTrack, FaceTrack, Timelapse, Motionlapse, Pano, NightShot, and Story   Modes of Osmo Pocket give you the option of taking creative photos and videos just the way you like.

   For an expanded view of your content and other creative options, connect this gimbal   to your phone.

Furthermore, the Osmo pocket is designed to adjust to your movements in real-time   for the best content possible.

Its pros are:   – The DJI Osmo Pocket has a long battery life- It shoots a stable 4k video at   60 frames per second; and- It has panoramic stitching   and time-lapse options.

However, the cons are,  – It has a low-light performance; and – It has autofocus issues.

  DJI Osmo Pocket is a small handheld video camera with an integrated gimbal   suitable for vloggers who need a smartphone gimbal for mechanical stabilization.

  The second product on our list is the Zhiyun Smooth Q2.

  The Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is a pocket-size smartphone gimbal that is simple but yet functional.

Its   size is small, almost equivalent to your sunglass case, which makes it lightweight and portable.

It   is nicely built with an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for maximum stability and compactness.

   It has a three-axis stabilization feature that offers pro modes such as 360-degree vortex,   360-degree POV, vertigo, 360-degree rotation, time-lapse, etc.

You can   switch into any of these modes using a single button located on its ergonomic handle.

This   unit's new generation algorithm also allows you to enter a new portrait mode in a second.

  Smooth Q2 uses a 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can work for 17 hours continuously   under normal filming conditions.

 It also has a micro-USB port   that allows it to work as a power bank to charge your cellphone even while you film.

   You can connect your iOS or Android devices to this gimbal   via Bluetooth and control your photography or filmmaking activities using its direct control.

  The package includes a Smooth Q2, wrist strap, USB Type-C cable, quick start user guide,   and a phone holder or clamp.

The phone clamp is detachable.

You can easily attach and detach it.

   When attached, it doesn't require re-balancing.

Its pros are:   – It has a compact design – Its shutter button works   with native camera apps; and- It has smooth, quiet motors.

  However, the cons are,- It does not support APP; and   – It is not compatible with action cameras.

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is the lightest smartphone   gimbal with a long working time suitable for individuals who want to use it with   their other smartphones.

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  Finally, our top Smartphone Gimbal is the DJI Osmo Mobile 3  Sleek, foldable, portable, lightweight, and convenient, what more can a smartphone gimbal   offer? DJI Osmo Mobile 3 has it all.

It has a new foldable design and other amazing features that   make it a handy gimbal to have.

Whether you are a content creator or you only want a nice smartphone   gimbal to help you capture fun moments, Osmo mobile 3 can help you create your content ideas.

  For a super stable and smooth image, Osmo Mobile has a 3-axis stabilization feature   that effectively reduces shaky footage and brushless motors that react to your movements   in real-time so that you can focus more on the moment at hand.

This unit's electronic   image stabilization makes it possible for you to shoot Hyperlapse videos and panoramas, timelapse,   and slow motion.

It also has gesture control, walk and sport mode, story mode, and dolly zoom.

   There is also an Active track mode with customizable tracking sensitivity   that automatically tracks a moving subject for you.

Most of these gimbal functions are   accessed via the free companion DJI Mimo app that connects your phone to the gimbal via Bluetooth.

   This unit is compatible with a variety of smartphone devices.

Moreover, Osmo Mobile   3 easily fits into your backpack and pocket, thanks to its lightweight and foldable design.

  Its pros are: – Its foldable design makes it portable   – It is easy to switch between landscape and portrait modes; and  – It has a useful companion app.

However, the cons are,  – Its app is limited; and- It has a daunting user experience.

  DJI Osmo Mobile 3 smartphone gimbal offers a super smooth and stabilized image.

   It is best for users who want to switch easily between landscape and portrait modes.

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