DJI OM 4 vs Hohem iSteady X | Which smartphone gimbal to buy

Hello! how is everyone doing? My name is Otto and welcome to the channel today I have something interesting to talk about it is a question that many of you keep asking me should you buy the DJI OM4 or the Hohem iSteady X  which one is better? which one is worth your money? let's see if you're new to smartphone gimbals   you need to know that this is a mechanical device that is not difficult to use they are not very expensive and it will help your videos look way better by taking away   unwanted movements or shakiness and giving you a smoother and more cinematic video clips the first thing that sets them apart is the price 149 dollars for the DJI OM4 versus 69 dollars for the Hohem iSteady X   and they both come with a tripod, a pouch, a wrist strap and a usb-c charging cable DJI only sells one version of the gimbal while Hohem   sells the basic version and now they recently released a vlogging kit   which comes with a wireless microphone that also works as a remote control the iSteady is super lightweight at only 259 grams without the small tripod  it is 290 with a tripod while the om4   weights around 420 grams without the tripod and almost 500 with the tripod both gimbals can support pretty heavy phones the iSteady   up to 280 grams and the OM4 up to 290 grams the OM4 has a big 2450 milliamp battery with 15 hours of operation while the iSteady X   has a 2000 milliamp battery and around 8 hours of operation the OM4 has this nice feature,   it can be used as a power bank to charge your smartphone with a simple usb cable setting up and balancing these two gimbals is quite easy,   but the om4 has this magnetic clamp that you place on your phone it can stay on your phone just like so and when you   need to use the gimbal all you have to do is this when you're done using the gimbal or if you need to use your phone you just need to set   this on standby mode or turn it off and then all you have to do is remove the phone like this This has to be one of their major selling points because setting it up is very easy   and balancing is almost non-existing both gimbals have three axes which have a huge   advantage over two axis gimbals but if we take a closer look the design of the iSteady it has a short tilt arm compared to the longer arm of the om4's and this makes the maximum tilting angle more limited on the iSteady X in my experience using the iSteady,   this wasn't a bad thing just sometimes it limited some of my movements but I do believe that this also helps in keeping the gimbal light and smaller   and at the same time it reduces the cost I'm not going to lie, I had to get used to it because   in the beginning I was expecting this to tilt more with some specific kind of shots the buttons on the joystick feel really good on both gimbals you can start or stop recording a video,   re-center the gimbal, switch to horizontal or vertical mode by just using the buttons build quality is also good on the iSteady and on the OM4 but I do prefer the ergonomic grip on the OM4, it fits really good on my hand this part on the back is made with soft rubber   and when I hold it I can see and access all the buttons with my fingers without any issues with the iSteady this is how it looks when I grab it so I kind of need to rely on the small tripod to have a better grip and to access the controls both gimbals offer four modes, number one is pan and tilt where the roll is going to be locked number two we have pan follow, where the roll and the tilt are going to be locked number three is going to be All Lock which locks every axis and POV or FPV which is the opposite of the ALL Lock and all axes are actually unlocked you can set the gimbal mode on the menus on both gimbals but the iSteady has one   big advantage over the OM4 I can switch the gimbal mode without entering the menus you press and hold the left button and then you press once, twice,   three times or four times the right button depending on which mode you want I can change those modes on the fly and it also works even if I'm using the native camera app On the om4 you can set the M button to quickly access the menu   and change the gimbal modes by using the joystick but this is only available when using the Mimo app and not when you're using the native camera app the only mode that you can use without going into the menus   is the ALL LOCK mode by pressing the trigger over here easy to use and to remember but you actually need to press   and hold the trigger for the ALL LOCK to be active if you let go of the trigger it is going to go back to whatever mode you had before on the iSteady X if you select to lock all axis, everything is going to stay just like that if you need to do intense movements the OM4 does have a sport mode that you can   turn on inside the menu or can be quickly accessed with the trigger the iSteady doesn't offer a sport mode but on the menus I can select the gimbal's follow speed, and   for many cases being able to customize that follow speed its something that I do appreciate a lot there are four speeds: general, slow, medium and fast not really sure where general stands for as I felt that it was kind of like a medium speed and fast is quite fast but not as responsive as the OM4's sport mode Underslung mode works on both gimbals without issues all you need to do is   flip the gimbal upside down and the camera will automatically get on the right position When someone buys a gimbal they usually want to use the app that comes with it but just so   you know when using either gimbal you can use the native camera app that comes with your smartphone   the Mimo app and the Hohen Pro come loaded with nice features and lots of customizations and I'm going to tell you the good and the bad on the iSteady X the basic features are slow motion, time lapse,   photo mode, video mode and special modes that they call moment inside this mode there are a few templates to choose from   and here you're going to find dolly zoom, video panorama and the inception mode and all these   modes are going to work regardless if you have an iPhone or an Android on the OM4 you also get a slow motion,   time lapse, video mode, photo mode and dynamic zoom, which is the same as the dolly zoom   and in my opinion the OM4's version is easier to use than the iSteady one you also get a bunch of templates to make quick videos inside of what they call "story mode" there is also an inception mode but this is called spinshot on the OM4   and you select this inside the menus so all of those features are the same on both gimbals but the OM4   also offers hyperlapse, 3×3 and 240 degrees panorama pictures,   and something called clone me panorama shots which is kind of fun to use both devices offer face and object tracking I like that the iSteady's face tracking is fully automatic,   if you step out of the frame and then come back again, the tracking is going to keep going if the OM4 doesn't see you anymore it will just lose you completely   even if you come back to the frame On the om4 if you're using Android, dynamic zoom doesn't work very well   and if you're using android you can't use slow motion within the Mimo app Android users are also going to be disappointed   that both devices can only shoot at 30 frames per second inside their apps if you want to shoot 24,   25 or 60 frames per second you need to use the native camera app that comes with your smartphone with all this information, which one do I think that you should buy? honestly both gimbals are pretty good and I have been using them   for the channel and for my personal videos   and I feel that it comes down to what features are you willing to give up by getting one or the other if you get the iSteady you're going to be saving some money and   you're getting a good gimbal with maybe less features than the om4 but maybe you don't even care about them and if you get the om4 you're also getting a good gimbal,   it's not perfect, but some features are very good to be ignored I hope that you found value on this video and if you have any questions just ask on the comments down below, don't forget to rate this video and I'll see you in the next one.

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