Feiyu Tech SPG2 Review

Oh Okay, so you have to admit that was some pretty awesome footage So Fei Yue Tech was nice enough to do a giveaway also So make sure you stay tuned to the end of the video where I'll give you some more details on how you can enter to Win a Vimble 2 So it's absolutely crazy to think that all of that footage was filmed on my iPhone 10 s max using the Feiyu Tech SPG2 to gimbal so you can actually do so much with the smartphone and a gimbal in 2019 without spending several thousands of dollars on a really nice camera lens and microphone combination now a Cell phone for the most part isn't going to be able to do what my Sony a7 3 can But in a lot of that footage there if I put it side-by-side with the Sony The average person probably isn't going to be able to see the difference between the two different cameras I know that I can and other people that actually edit these videos everyday probably can But it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a cell phone and a really expensive camera So with the smartphone and and gimbal you can make that really cinematic buttery smooth footage With the phone that you already have and a really affordable gimbal that you can go ahead and purchase So let's go ahead and talk about the Feiyu tech SPG 2 first off is the size This thing is just less than a pound so it's really light It's really small easy to hold so easy that even my three-year-old can hold it to put things into perspective This is the Moza air 2 and this is the Feiyu tech SPG 2 look at the size comparison So I actually really like shooting on this thing a lot more than I initially thought Just because it's simple it's so light simple easy to grab and it's very very effective.

It actually works So well most of that footage you saw there.

I didn't do any post-processing on it I just shot it on my camera attached to the gimbal and boom right into Premiere Pro done So I think that I'm gonna continue to use this quite a bit when I travel just because it's really easy It's so hard to mount a big fancy camera onto a big gimbal I mean, obviously the reward is a lot better with something like that But this is so convenient.

And like I said, we pretty much all have a smartphone nowadays So more or less you have at least a 1080 HD Camera or better yet Even a 4k camera on this phone that all you got to do is just slide it right in here Turn it on and boom you're ready to go in a matter of seconds.

Next thing is the battery life This thing can get up to 14 hours of battery life it also has a charging port on the side and it comes with the cable so you can actually plug your smart phone into the gimbal and use the Battery that's built into the gimbal to charge up your cell phone Just know that of course, if you're gonna do that, your battery life is gonna significantly drop on the gimbal So let's go ahead and take a look at the actual design of the gimbal So first off it has this nice smooth rubber surface on here Which is really nice to hold on to makes for a really comfortable grip And again, it's really light and just feels good in the hand.

Next up is it actually comes with a removable collapsible? Tripod so you can just thread this right into the bottom very light and easy It's like a plastic but it's a very durable feeling plastic So it doesn't feel like it's cheaply made and when this is on here I prefer to keep it on there number one is it's a nice tripod stand you can actually use this as a standard tripod But it makes when you're setting up your phone It's just so much easier to sit the gimbal right on top of a desk To be able to mount and balance your phone on there also Like I said, you can use it as a standard tripod so that helps out a lot.

I used to use this goofy-looking bhindi ugly nasty looking tripod, so Don't need that anymore.


I've got this another cool feature is the magic wheel here Or the control knob whatever you want to call it but with this you can actually spin this left or right and you can control the pan the tilt and the roll So all you have to do is just press the button in to select which pan tilt or roll Feature that you're looking to control and it'll show you on the nice LCD screen which mode that you're in Okay, so I want to show you how quick and easy this thing actually is to get set up So you have these little jaws If you will that you can just your spring-loaded and the bottom of the phone will sit right in there so what I like to do is just press the phone into one side and take my finger on the other side spread it apart like so and Just slide the phone right down and That's pretty much it now There is a little bit of balancing to do if you screw right here on this.

You can loosen this up by turning it clockwise And I'm gonna make it out of balance right now for you So as you can see it tipped over to one side.

So all you have to do here is just slide it still tipping that way I'll slide it over more and Right there as you can see now the phone is staying parallel.

So we're gonna go ahead and tighten this up to turn it counterclockwise Now the phone is balanced and it's as simple as pressing our power button And as you can see it gets right into place so off the bat this is basically going to be set to Follow mode except for on the axis here It's going to hold the phone level if you press once on the button you turn it to lock mode Which lock mode is going to put the phone right where it's at no matter where you bend or move.

That's where it's gonna stay if we press the back button twice on the double tap It's gonna reset the phone and if we press a double tap on the home button then we get to what I like which is mostly going to be all follow mode and That way no matter where you point The phone and the gimbal is gonna follow so that's my personal favourite mode and that's pretty much where I always lay But what I wanted to show you there is basically within a matter of seconds You're going to be able to have this thing mounted turned on and ready to record.

So overall.

I'm really really happy with this I didn't think I was gonna like it quite as much as I do just because my main camera is a Sony a7 3 and I just recently picked up a gimbal for that and The quality on there just looks better than an iPhone or a smartphone in general, but I really really loved the run-and-gun Aspect to using this it's just so quick and easy and like I said It's a little bit easier like for my wife to carry around as opposed to this big old gimbal down here which weighs so much that it's just not gonna be Easy to use for a smaller person.

So this solves that and like I said the footage surprised to me it was so smooth I literally didn't change anything on this.

I just turned it on boom ready to go.

There's also an app that you can download It's called the PHA yuan app.

But for me, I just think it's so easy just to control since this camera is right here I just hit record and change from slo-mo time-lapse and whatever right on here But know that you do have the option to download the app Which the app will give you all the control functions of the gimbal right inside of the app You also have this nice little joystick here So you can actually pan left and right tilt up and down just from sliding that knob right there So do have those features just like pretty much every other gimbal out there on the market so overall if you're looking for something, that's really Cost-efficient that you can use with your smartphone already.

This would be the way to go literally This thing has been awesome right out of the box All I did was just charge it turn it on and the footage that you saw there you could achieve as well Don't take my word for it.

They'll pick one up and try it out because it's really awesome So let's get to the part.

You've all been waiting for the giveaway so FEA tech reached out to me to offer a VIN bowl – which is very similar to this one so that you two can take your smartphone and mount it on there and Go out and get some cinematic buttery footage.

So in order to enter just follow the link down below You're going to want to subscribe to the FEA tech YouTube channel Make sure you subscribe to my channel and then click on the link down below I'm going to show you a picture that FEA tech just posted on the community tab on their YouTube What you're gonna do is find this photo that you see on my screen Which is a picture of me and my son whenever we're filming that footage at the beach and you're gonna go ahead and leave a comment on there and Boom you're injured to win.

I will leave links down in the description to the VIN Well – so you can take a look at that I'll leave a link to the FEA tech store where you can see the SPG – and of course I'll leave a link down below so you can follow along to the community tab on the Figge tech youtube channel So that way you can go ahead and comment on my picture for your chance to win the symbol – I'll also leave a link Down below to the FEA tech online store If you use the coupon code CJ rich at checkout, you'll get 10% off of your order So go ahead and check them out even if you don't buy anything But if you do see something because they make a wide variety of awesome products again Use that code and you can use that code all the way through August 5th And you'll be able to save 10% on your order.

So that's going to wrap it up for this video guys I hope you appreciate it.

Thanks for staying and watching Make sure you like and subscribe Subscribe to Fey's channel subscribe to mine and check the links in the description.

And as always we'll see you guys in the next video.

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