Hohem iSteady X 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Setup Tutorial with iPhone XR Example Footage

If you're looking for a really affordablesmartphone gimbal, look no further than the Hohem iSteady X.

And in this video I'll give you an overviewplus some basic instructions on how to use it.

Priced at $70 you get a full featured 3-axisgimbal capable of stabilizing smartphones that weigh up to.

62 pounds.

Inside the box it comes with a fabric carryingcase, USB-C charging cable, wrist strap, tripod, the gimbal itself and an instruction manual.

The iSteady X also only weighs about halfa pound so it's very light and compact when folded.

But to put this to use you have to loosenthe nut on the arm and then flip the phone clamp up.

Then twist the handle counter-clockwise tounlock it.

On the handle you'll find the shutter button,camera orientation button and joystick.

On the left side is a zoom slider and on theright is the USB-C charging port.

On the bottom there's a quarter inch tripodhole plus a loop for the wriststrap.

The included tripod is actually a stubby plastichandle which gives the gimbal more to hold onto.

And it simply screws onto the bottom of thehandle extending the grip.

This tripod is pretty small but it's enoughto hold the gimbal upright on a flat surface.

Oh and before use, don't forget to tightenthe nut on the folding clamp.

I forgot to do that earlier.

The phone clamp is rubberized to prevent scratchesand on the top there's a sticker showing which way to mount the phone.

One thing you need to know is the iSteadyX has to be activated to work.

Which means you'll have to download the HohemPro app for iPhone or Android.

As part of the activation you will have tocreate a Hohem account before the gimbal will even work.

And if you don't complete the registrationfirst the motors won't activate even when the iSteady X is powered on.

But as soon your account is set up the gimbalcomes to life and it's ready to stabilize your phone.

But let's get outside and I'll show you howthe buttons control the different modes.

I'll start by using the joystick to move thehead around.

This is useful to help make minor adjustmentsto keep the camera pointed where you want it.

With the joystick I can also change the tilt.

But if the camera gets out of whack you candouble click the power button and the motors will automatically realign to center.

A single click of the power button will quicklyswitch the phone from landscape to portrait orientation and then back again.

Next I'll go over the stabilization modes.

And to activate these modes you need to holdthe shutter button down while clicking the power button.

In default mode, the green LED is solid.

This is called Pan and Tilt Follow.

With this the phone follows the rotation ofthe handle basically keeping track of where the back of the handle is pointing.

And if I tilt the handle the phone will followthe up and down movement so I can shoot things that are above and below me.

When you hold the shutter button and clickpower twice, the iSteady X goes into Pan Follow mode with the green LED blinking twice ina row.

Again the camera follows the rotation of thehandle.

But when I try to tilt the camera is lockedin it's horizontal plane.

And as I move my arm forwards and back thecamera won't point up or down.

So this allows me to pan left and right butthere's no tilt.

Now hold the shutter button and click thepower button 3 times for All Lock Mode.

In this mode the camera is always facing thesame point of interest no matter where the handle is moved or rotated.

The camera is basically locked in place.

But you can adjust the point of interest withthe joystick if needed.

The last mode has the green LED blinking 4times.

This is POV Follow mode.

This is very much like the first mode in thatit allows Pan and Tilt follow.

But main difference between mode 1 and mode4 is that when I do a side tilt the camera also tilts.

Unlike mode 1 where the camera stays lockedin the horizontal plane.

Overall the motors on the iSteady X providevery smooth stabilation for shooting video.

And I think that $70 for a 3-axis gimbal ispretty affordable for almost anyone wanting to shoot better video footage.

You should also know that after the iSteadyX has been registered you can actually use it without the Hohem app.

Allowing you to use your smartphone's builtin camera app.

But if you want shutter control and otherfeatures you'll have to use the iSteady X along with the Hohem Pro app.

And here's a final tip, when I'm shootingI always have the tripod handle attached just to give me more to hold onto.

But the detachable tripod is what makes thisso portable that I can take this with me almost anywhere.

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