ViewFlex 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer with Built-In LED Light Review and Test Footage

This is the ViewFlex S Pro 3-axis smartphonegimbal.

It's packed with features to help you shootsmooth video shot on your phone.

Some of the main features are app control,a built-in LED light and object tracking.

The S Pro is solid metal with buttons andcontrols in a convenient position.

The four position joystick lets you manuallypan and tilt the head.

And on either side are quarter twenty mountingholes for accessories.

The grip has a non-slip foam covering andon the bottom of the handle is another quarter twenty mounting hole.

To the side of the controls is power buttonfor the LED light.

Included in the package are two 900 mAh batteries,battery charger, USB cable and counter-weight for larger phones.

Located just under the phone mount is a USBcharging port.

To power up, hold the power button for twoseconds.

Then press the power button again to activatethe stabilizing motors.

As I move the handle around you can see theViewFlex gimbal is doing it's job.

quite nicely in fact! A quick press of the side button and the LEDlights up.

The cool thing is that the LED is dimmableby sliding the button up or down.

Some of the optional accessories I got isthe wireless remote and extra high-capacity batteries.

The extra batteries are longer and includesan extended grip.

Here you can see the difference between thestandard and extended grips.

One thing I found out when using my iPhone7 is that it becomes unbalanced so the counter-weight is necessary for larger phones.

The optional wireless remote can come in handyin certain situations.

It pretty much has all the controls that arefound on the gimbal itself.

The joystick controls the head for panningand tilting.

It's a little laggy and the joystick stickssometimes but it's workable.

Three clicks of the Mode button will put thegimbal into portrait orientation and back.

When first powered on, the indicator lightis blue for half-following mode.

Double-click and the green light means full-followmode.

A red light means the gimbal is in lock mode.

So here, the gimbal is in half-follow modeand the phone stays vertical no matter where I move the handle.

In full-follow mode, the phone tilts up anddown with the handle as I lift and lower it.

In lock mode, the phone stays pointed in onedirection and doesn't move from that area of focus.

The head never pans in lock mode.

Shutter release or video recording can beactivated by pressing the mode button once.

It can take a bit of time and looking at themanual to remember the different modes but you'll get used to it.

And once you're familiar with how the gimbalworks, you can easily adjust it's functions while shooting.

For the last part of the video I'll show sometest video I took at the Funko Headquarters using my iPhone 7.

A curious thing is that the ViewFlex app recordedthe footage in 720P which is weird.

So I had to scale the footage up for thisvideo.

Take a look! Ok so please look in the description for thelatest price on the ViewFlex S Pro gimbal and if you enjoyed this video please giveme a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more how-to videos and productreviews.

Source: Youtube