Xiaomi Mijia 3-Axis Stabilizer Gimbal Review

I have right here the Xiaomi Mijia threeaxis gimbal so this is for the media 4k action cam that I reviewed about twomonths ago quite a decent action cam for the price but it does have one problemwith 4k footage and that is it doesn't have any electronic image stabilizationonly in 1080p so with us gimbal hopefully we can smooth out that footageand remove those shakes and tremors that you often see so the gimbal you can seethere weighs 340 grams it has a five thousand milliamp hour battery and Ithink that battery can actually charge the camera too at the same time so youcan go for longer recording so we'll check out and see what we get inside thebox the contents and see it comes here with factory wrapped which is good thatmeans that no one else has messed around with us comes with some instructionshere these are unfortunately all in Chinese but not to worry I will explainhow to operate it and it's fairly straightforward and easy and we get amicro USB to cable here for charging the gimbal so the build quality of thisgimbal is excellent we've got this nice matte style plastic here status LED hereto let us know our battery life now out of the box mine's got 100 percent you cansee here so each of those LEDs of course equates to 25 percent battery just topower it on is this button here which is also the start and stop record buttonthen we have the snapshot button to take a photo and this of course is thejoystick there to control the gimbal status LED telling us well that's redbecause we haven't got at the moment the camera plugged into it on the side herewe have a flat for the micro USB to port to charge that 5000 milliamp hourbattery this has a rubber grip to it which feels good in hand and then wehave the trigger here I'll explain how this works later amah this is basicallyto hold the position of the gimbal and then this little switch here which isspring-loaded is our control there for the cameras exposure and on the bottomwe also have a standard thread there so you can mount this gimbal to a tripod ifyou wanted to so unlike the base which has plastic thetop part here is all made out of metal so we have the brace and of course thethree motors in here which control each individual accessthey're controlling it to keep things stable Micro USB to port here whichplugs directly into the camera and this has rubber in the inside of it which isvery well done and you can also cause screw that into place to secure thecamera in there so putting the camera into place is quite easy you just needto make sure the end with the plug on it that you have the little flap open ofcourse and then press this right in here and it should then align up with thatmicro USB 2 port and then clips into place there the last step of course isto screw the thread in so then the camera is locked into that gimbal andthere's no way that is going to come out now one good thing that they've designedto show me here is that we can still open the flap on the bottom to at leastget our micro SD cards out so I've just flipped it around because it's hard toshow you the screen when it's in the gimbal here so once you plug it in youget this new little icon here that pops up on the touch menu and this controlsthe gimbal settings so we've got different scene modes we've got sportnormal you can see here normal sport and in where and custom which you can tweakvia the application you can invert the the pan direction the your direction andthe pitch direction as well if you wanted to do that our device info justgives you and throw on the gimbals model the firmware version it has so this isprobably one of the earlier ones I don't know how they're going to push theupdates out for this it might be via the camera I guess is how you update it allvia your PC I don't have any details on that whatsoever course instructions areall in Chinese and restore factory settings just to put out a couple of things -with the gimbal that when you power it on it pals on the camera automaticallyyou don't need to turn the camera on separately and charging the gimbal withthe camera attached will also charge the camera so here I'm just panning aroundwith my hand just moving very slowly you can see the image is pretty steady Imean it's not homeless in perfect and just walk towards my scooter here I'llgive you a sample – with alpha gimbal so you can see just the kind of differenceit is it's pretty much like day and night let's do a reasonably good Charterso that's not to run now and then I'll just pan around slightlyusing the joystick it takes a little bit of practicejoystick to get the movement nice and slow and now the same as before but as youcan see it's all shaky because not using the gimbal and if I run again and see the huge difference that makesand then panning it around myself here and how doesn't too bad I don't have thesteadiest of hands and now this is the locking mode so I'mgonna keep it pointing towards the coast here hold down the trigger now and justkeep walking it should keep aiming in that direction so it's another way youcan get some interesting shots with this and you can see just how well thatstabilization is working there just remember that in 4k this does not haveany electronic image stabilization at all in 1080p you do have electronicimage stabilization so it will be even smoother now you can also use the gimbalinverted so it's around the other way at the moment and because you can get moreinteresting shots using that to get down really low for example so it's pretty flexible and thedifferent kind of modes you can use it and to quickly test out that selfie modeso three quick texts and now you can see me of course andthen frequent taps again it should point back that way now to test it out ridingmy scooter so you know hold it with one hand on the scooter and then justaccelerate off all right so there we go that is the gimble here for the show-me4k action cam and over I feel it's really good I mean the build quality istypical Xiaomi it's excellent really well put together I love the fact thatwe can see the battery level on the back with the four status LEDs we have onthere now a better life it is looking like it is going to work for six toeight hours like they claim well they came up to eight hours but in my timeusing it for approximately two hours I lost one dot there one of the LEDs wentout and it started flashing on the NEX so that means I've lost somewherebetween like 25 percent battery in those two hours so I feel that yes it could becloser around eight hours perhaps about six or seven hours there on battery lifeso the use of it it's quite easy of course nice for that joystick so we candecide to for example if you want to hold keep the camera looking in onedirection then you can press that lock it in place there and the differentmodes like tapping it to spin the whole camera around into the selfie modethat's quite handy the battery charging is a little bit interesting here now Idon't know whether it's because I'm on a early firmware version I need to updatethe firmware on the camera but I've noticed that when you first power it onyes it will charge the camera but later on in use I've noticed when you have alook at the battery bar it's not green green means it's charging and it's notcharging so it's kind of on and off so that I feel they need to work onhopefully show me is going to have a firmware update to address that and fixthat problem the other problem is the application for it I've gone to me homeI've had a look on the internet I can't find anything that addresses the actualgimbal itself now it may be via firmware updates or something how we update thethe gimbal or we need to use me home with the camera because I can connect upme home to the camera but it doesn't give me any other settings therefore thegimbal so maybe that hasn't been implementedyet so be aware of that it's just Auto power-down that's what that noise wasthere so yeah it is quite a decent gimbal so does it apply to everyoneshould everyone get this if they're going to be using this I feel if you'regoing to be shooting 4k a lot and handheld go for it because it does makea huge difference because 4k video doesn't have any stabilization and asyou've seen from my sample images there that it you know it really does make ahuge difference to get the shock out the shocks and the shakes all out of thevideo there is there's a tiny little bit of movement you can see it's not perfectbut it does make a big difference but if you're someone that plans to use the 4kcamera on a chest mount or in your helmet mount or something like that thenyou can't take really any advantage at all of the gimbal but the gimbal theyhave shown impressed images can be mounted to handlebars andother areas and things like that they've got like a round bracket that were gonehere and then mount onto your standard GoPro style mounting equipment so I feelmainly just for handheld users to go for this really out roll but for the hundredand fourteen u.


price it currently has I feel it's not a bad purchase but yeahas I mentioned only if you're really going to be getting the full advantageof it so you've mostly shoot hand how like dogs or your kids or something likethat then that is where this comes in handy here and it is a shame that wecan't use this with other devices so you can't use this for the GoPro you can'tuse it with the cell phone it would have been nice if they had some way of maybean adapter that you could put in here and then connect up a GoPro I'll get itto hold onto a GoPro other action cams or hold on to a mobile phone would it benice but I guess this is designed really it's only just for this device here sothanks a lot for watching this review I do have to see you back and the channelwith more up-and-coming reviews bye for now.

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