Zhiyun Crane-M Review, 3-Axis 3 Gimbal Stabilizer for Cameras, GoPro & Mobiles With Sample Footage

Chris with yet another gamble reviewthis time at Zhiyun crane-M so a smaller version of the crane that ilooked at which is for your larger digital cameras this one will takedigital cameras that are the micro four-thirds kind of sides so somethinglike my sony a6300 which is an acute digital camera and you can putaccessories on it can handle up to 650 grams of weight in the box they alsoinclude adapters for GoPros your action cameras generic action cameras anythingreally that has the quarter-inch thread and there's also a bracket there you canconnect on put on it so you can mount your mobile phones here you can see herethe case is really quite small so i shouldn't have any problems putting thisinto my backpack in to travel around with this it's really well-made feelsquite tough so it should take your knocks and things and it's even got somepadding on there so we've got a few instruction manuals warranty cardcertificate this looks like just a quick start guide which will probably coverthings like balancing it up first yes it does so balance adjustment mounting itpretty straightforward but we'll go over that in this video then the user manualcourse just explaining everything there to you so the cables we have that is amicro USB 2 2 USB this is our battery charger so you have to put both thecells and there of course and let them charge which will take quite a while Ithink it was around about 6 hours on the crane so you really have to plug it inleave it overnight of course you use that with their mobilecharger so or even a computer anything that's got USB power 5 volts and I thinktwo amps whatever will slowly charge those batteries and here are the cellshere so they're little unusual these ones they're not so common there theyspeak of them as the I am are 26500 these are coarse 3.

7 volts threethousand six hundred million hours each here's the grip see put the batteriesinto that on the bottom there is quarter-inch thread so you can mountthis to tripods and then of course the gimbal itself well packed in there sothe cells of course just go into the handle both of them now their pros andcons to having these removable batteries I kind of prefer it actually even thoughthe setups a little bit longer that you have to put the batteries in and screwit all in place that means you can carry some extras with you two of them and getanother two then you can shoot for up to another 12 hours of course it depends onyour use if you're somewhere rough then the battery probably won't last up to 12hours of course the bottom screws in there and you're going to have tounmount this every single time to screw the soft remove the batteries when youput it back in that pack now just to note that there is no rubber seal aroundthis so it doesn't seem splash proof to me I wouldn't want to be getting thisregion here where the controls are wet you're looking at the weight of itgimbal itself is eight hundred and sixty-four grams and with the carry caseand all the other bits and pieces 1.

43 kilos quickly run over the controls nowso to power it on as this button here you'll see that there's a logo there's acamera so when you connect up you can connect up here but on the side here wehave another micro USB port unfortunately they haven't included thecable we need which is micro USB to micro USB for example with my sony a6300with that cable we've been able to use that system to then control the zoom andcamera and record features all via the gimbal which is really handy so this isthe mode button cycling through this will go into our pan modes followingeyelet mode and tilt mode I'll show you that in a second when I set this all upthe joystick of course controls the way you want to tilt it so the tilt andpanning left and right for example there and this is the zoom control but thatcamera function status LED build quality overall is really quite good it is allmade out of metal so top build so using this lens setup and to the external micon my sony a6000 300 is too heavy the 18 to 105millimeter lens and the accessory with the microphone there comes in at justover one key though and the maximum weight is 650 grams remember so this allmy big lens does is to here be the whole combination so put the kit lens back onto my sony a6300 and it's not even on at the moment this has levelled out thebest I could so balancing it is very important if you don't get this right inthe beginning then the gimbal won't work properly anyone get the most tediouspossible shots on it and what I've done is you need to adjust all those threescrews they're a little tip here make sure the logo is uprightmake sure the knob faces out the non-faces at the top here and then youshould be set so that is really pretty good that's balanced quite well thereso just like the mobile-phone gimbals from Zeon you can use the application soit connects up via bluetooth and it's called a sealing assistant and you cansee it's detecting it as the crane m and here you can control it remotely itreports on things like your battery life the mode you're inso there we can control it because you feel a lot of controls and the range ofit is just Bluetooth range there I'm able to move the continue backgroundthat it's now moving the gimbal and you can of course reset that too if you wantto restore it there's a few interesting things in here my favorites are thesettings so in the settings you can tweak and control things I'm not toohappy with the default pan rate of the joystick I find it to be just a littletoo fast and all you need to do is go into the control rate and you tweak thisI slowed it down down to 10 degrees per second you can tweak it down even slowerto get those really nice slow pans there okay so this is in the fixed mode usingthe kit lens which has optical image stabilization now for this results youshould use a camera that does have stabilization some form of stabilizationotherwise it could be quite shaky and it's going to be a quick job test sothis here is an example of shooting handheld having got the steadiest ofhands and now with the gimbal when you can see a huge difference on how steadyit is it is really quite windy here so if you see some shakes and things justthe wind just blowing the gimbal around the camera and this is a true test ofthe stabilization because this camera that I'm using now the front-facingcamera for my Samsung Galaxy s7 and it doesn't have any optical imagestabilization and you can't seem to doing a really good job just have a lookat the walls next to me and you can see that's really really moving okay so this is a very well made gimbalit's got a really nice case that gives it a lot of protection we can sit onhere GoPros mobile phones small digital cameras so it is versatile now there isa restriction on the weight of 650 grams this couldn't handle my sony 18millimeter to 105 kit lens sorry not the kit lens but the big lens on it so I hadto put the kit lens on which is disappointing it's just too heavyforward so really if you're going to be using larger lenses or attachment orquite a heavy camera then I would go for the crane version the crane version canhandle one point eight kilos so it handles a lot of weight this of courseonly 650 grams so for smaller cameras those super zoom cameras and things likethat your little canons your littlePanasonic's the cons this will be good for that and then if you want to use theGoPro then you can swap it out you don't have to buy a separate just GoPro onlyI'll stabilize that because it has the quarter thread connection on the bottomof it which the mobile gaming balls don't but if you plan to just use mobilephones I say go for one of their mobile gimbals instead me personally because Ican't use my big lens and my attachments this really I don't think I'm going touse it I think I'm going to use the crane and for anything else moreportable more mobile I'm going to use the mobile phone gimbal instead they'rereally so battery life now they claim it can get around twelve hours I think thatmight be possible with something like the GoPro on there that's not heavy atall it's quite light of course and depends of course on the condition so ifyou're running this is moving a lot the motors are working hard they do getquite hot then you're only looking about six hours battery life it really doeshalf the better life depending on what you're doing they can be camera againit's going to be working a lot so it won't last for so long it's good thefact that we do have the removable batteries so you can have some freshlycharged ones and swap them over great so overall it is a decent gimbal it justdoesn't really have a place here with me what I want to do with it but asmentioned for smaller cameras it's good got a larger camera get the crane got amobile phone instead go for that and then if you're someone that's got aGoPro then yeah thanks a lot for watching and I do hope to see you backin the channel soon bye for now.

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