Zhiyun Smooth 4 Smartphone 3-Axis Gimbal – Unboxing, Setup, Features, and First-Time Use

hey what's up everyone team lynch spirit of adventure filming this on my iphone walking   down some stairs and it doesn't look all jittery what am i using smooth 4 gimbals check it out boom okay so we got the zayun zin i don't know i'm half asian but vietnamese i think this is chinese i'm   sure i'm mispronouncing it but this yoon smooth 4 3-axis gimbal and this is for use with my iphone   11 pro you can get it for about 99 on amazon it has some of the most reviews either written   reviews or just star reviews that i've seen of any other gimbal out there or most other   gimbals out there just on the amazon seller that i bought this from there's like 4 500   reviews and they're like four and a half stars total on the aggregate and the reason why i picked   this gimbal was one because i'm making a ton of youtube videos i'm noticing that as i'm traveling   around uh just walking and stuff like that it is jittery as heck even when i have like different   apps to help kind of stabilize my hands and we've got vaccines coming out people are getting them   states are lifting restrictions countries are lifting restrictions people hope to be   able to go back out during the summer so got this because of the reviews because of the   price and because of some of the features that it had as well the smooth four um had a lot of   the features some others did but then it seemed to combine a bunch of kind of i don't know splitting   hairs on those features so give me examples so there's like four different types of time lapse   uh features on here time lapse a motion lapse a hyper lapse and a slow motion and some of those   are kind of combination kind of different time lapse where you can kind of be smoothly walking   and normal space and then to speed up really fast through like 30 minutes of kind of boring walks in   it slow down again and either go normal speed or slow motion i'm just like really cool stuff like   that also a lot of different ways to track that time lapse um through a ride ring a tr wide range   i try axial regular tracking or a focus which takes things to put them in and out of focus   during that there's also object focus so if you don't want to focus on a person but instead like   their backpack or a backpack as it's going between or a ball going between certain people as they're   playing a sport you can do that and attract just that object and there's phone go mode for smooth   transitions between scenes without a lot of fancy editing if you're doing the stuff on the go which   most people are going to be using this like while they're traveling out and about doing stuff right   events so getting this version that i got from amazon a couple of different things came with   it one it came in this case which i have to admit on the advertisement it seemed like this was much   better built like there's almost like a wood box it looked like and then this was inside it but   i just got this inside of a cardboard box and this is styrofoam just so you know but   it is the case for it um comes separate with this tripod that you can kind of   put out like this which i thought was really cool and it can stay attached   looks like a can anyway stay attached full time to this gimbal so the way this looks   and i have been able to charge it up but i don't know if it still has any battery left in it nope   i'm gonna have to recharge it but one thing i did notice was that a couple of things it came with a   charging cord obviously this thing has a 12 hour battery life and you're supposed to be able to   hook your phone into it obviously for some of the features of the app that comes with this that to   help do some of those like hyper lapse features in conjunction with the gimbal keeping everything   steady while at the same time producing those kind of time lapse effects using that app you need to   connect your phone to it using the cord but it's supposed to also help charge your phone as well   not sure on the amperage of that i don't know if that takes away from the total 12 hour battery   life of the gimbal um the user manual wasn't real specific on that at least not where i could find   and in little things it has a pretty decent weight i'd say it's maybe half pound something like that   you have some index two different toggles here on your um i'm sorry your pointer finger   you have a reel here on the side which is supposed to adjust some of those kind of variable effects   and focus and things like that you also have some buttons here and so you have kind of two at the   top a menu display you have this wheel here in the middle like a little flash or lightning bolt   button in the middle record there's also a little place that's like uh orange i'm assuming orange   record button but then there's a play symbol above it and then an actual camera button looks like a   bullseye button and then a power and then kind of a mode selector switch here so i'm sure all   that stuff's going to be kind of detailed in the manual one thing i did notice was that there's   some really nice kind of like badging on here but this badging like immediately came off   um when i just took this out just to start filming the video and it's just it's sticky it's on my   finger so it is kind of like basically the the flat surface that it was supposed to mount to i   guess they didn't put enough glue or something so it's just not kind of sticking in there when you   put it back into the case here kind of knocks off that deal but it is the smooth four um a little   charging port on the side it does look like a usbc charging so we're gonna put this on the charger   i'm gonna take my dogs to the dog park um actually see how this looks too if you screw this in i'm   gonna take the dogs to the dog park and let them out yesterday here in the salt lake valley we had   a freak kind of winter storm come in and it was really really cold oh that's really nice it's actually really sturdy it's actually really sturdy oh and there's a little rubber   feet on it too so it's actually sturdy and it doesn't feel like it's going to go anywhere the   weight of this gimbal actually holds it on this this tripod really well and it makes the feet   actually get a lot of good traction so yeah i'm not i'm not messing around it's got   really good traction on here actually that feels really high quality so um   yeah anyway i give it a full review let's check it out all right so i ended up taking   my two dogs juno and nook down to a park within a mile or so of my house and kind of test out   these different features and stuff on this gimbal so let me show you first what it looks   like if i were to run around with my dogs holding a camera without any gimbal at all okay so now what i'm going to do is i'm going to turn on this gimbal and there's actually   two settings here that i'm going to use first there's a pan follow which is a little toggle   switch above the power is what we're going to use so we're going to pan follow first and there's a   lock follow apparently the pan follow allows you to still twist the handle like this and   actually allow the the gimbal to move the camera left to right but it keeps it stable up and down   and the other two axis and a lock follow means that it's just kind of locked on to something   whatever you're trying to focus on and turning the handle like this won't make it go left or   right it'll literally just stay wherever you have it pointed on but it's keeping it steady so pan   follow first i'm gonna do lock follow to try to see what the dogs are doing and see how that looks   time to throw the ball we'll see how this looks i don't know maybe i look ridiculous check it out one thing to note about this video is that i am incredibly out of shape sprinting around at these   dogs but the second thing was that i noticed in the pan follow mode because i was able to   move my wrist left and right and actually move the angle of the camera i found it to be a lot   harder to control doing action shots like these so that was pan follow mode um you see i'm way out of breath i was actually running sprinting   did a bunch more times what i actually put on the on film or in the video but um overall that's what   it looks like now i'm going to try locked follow mode which means that the left right of my wrist   will not make the camera turn it's going to stay totally locked and   solid and we'll see what that looks like tossing the ball with the dogs so right off the bat lock follow mode is the mode you want to use doing these kind of action shots   where you're running after your dogs you're running after your kids at a sporting event   at your own sporting event or you're hiking and you're carrying a pack and your steps are kind   of jostling things you definitely want to use this instead of hand follow pan follow with your wrist   moving left and right you can actually make the camera unstable and is best used when   you're walking around kind of casually another thing to note about the special effects slow   mode hyperlapse i actually could not get those things to work with the dogs here in the park   and i could not get them to work at home so i'm going to watch some more tutorial videos   on the manufacturer's website to figure out how to actually make   those things work either in the app or downloading them and editing them after sorry everyone so that was locked following mode instead of pan following so   the l versus the pf on my little toggle here   um and i'm using the bottom trigger so the top one is like a phone go mode which is supposed to be   something where you can film with your phone and have transitions between phone scenes   or the special effects scenes for the gimbal scenes and regular phone video i haven't found a   big difference in using the two different toggles i found the phone go to be the same almost as   hitting the bottom button but it also me might be because i'm not using all the features   so what i'm gonna try to do next is actually used the phone or the gimbal i should say   in some of the special effects modes like slow mo 180 degree pano there's a 3×3 pano   and truthfully i played around with the gimbal a little bit between the unboxing   that i did earlier and now it's been a couple days salt lake we had some really weird weather   patterns it wasn't sunny like this it was really overcast and snowing for the last few days so   i didn't want to go outside and do this the dog so i played around inside and i couldn't   get those pano modes or the slow-mo modes to work so i'm gonna try it out here live action   see what it looks like let's try it so i played around with it a little bit more and i think i   got it finally figured out so there's a couple different modes a 180 pano a 3×3 pano some slo-mo   um there's also like a vertigo filter um a couple other filters on there too and when you're holding   the gimbal some of these actually they don't work as advertised let me clarify what i mean   by not working as advertised you actually have to set it up on the tripod that comes built into the   the gimbal itself and kind of set it and let it do its thing so let me show you how to do a 180 pano   that's what i've tried out and kind of mastered so far let me show you what that looks like if you're   using this this gimbal so i have this set up right now just kind of here i went to another park   there's a little bit more construction and kind of tall buildings around where i was   at so i'm trying to get a more broad area so i have right now i hit menu on the gimbal it   brings up the menu on the phone i hit 180 degree pano and i'm just going to hit the button to take   to take a photo and it says perform panographic photography now the gimbal's doing it all itself it's taking a picture it's turning again   it's taking a picture it's turning again taking a picture it's going to go all the way around what confused me about trying to use this with my iphone is that   as everyone knows the iphone already has a panoramic panographic photo setting on it   and so i thought i would hit that and then still have to do this and some special effect filter   would take take effect but in reality it's the gimbal itself that does it so what i'm   going to try to do now see what the difference is in the 180 pano and then the three by three   so let's check that out okay so now we're gonna do the three by three pano see what it does okay this is cool it took a picture another picture another picture picture picture picture picture picture picture and it kind of stitched them all together it looks like or at least it attempted to   so what just happened after it reset it usually shows you in the bottom left corner just like   a regular iphone kind of a sample of the pictures took what i see is just sky so i'm gonna put that   in the video what this picture actually looks like all put together when i download it from the phone   one thing to note here is that the photo actually was just a picture of the sky   while i did see the gimbal in the application take nine photos i guess that's the three by three   the only one that came through was uh a picture of the sky it was not in panographic form which   made you think that the app is supposed to stitch them together but for some reason it did not um   from the app into the phone itself but that's what that is the other   features on here i'll be honest i don't unders i haven't understood how to use them quite yet   i did mess around with the zoom and the focus dial that's on the side it's a big round dial   that's on the side of the gimbal i have messed around with that showed what that looks like it   really takes it from the regular kind of zoom and optical zoom to a digital zoom there's also the   zoom in and out it's more of a portrait versus a landscape i mean that's really what the focus is   um but other than that like the vertigo and stuff i haven't figured how to use it yet and the manual   tells you about the features it doesn't actually show you how to do it so i'm going to do another   video part two once i kind of figure out the best way to kind of do those things obviously   the 180 pano to 3×3 pano pretty unique in how they look and there are some other features on this um   this gimbal in the app that are not in the manual that i have to figure out as well uh last thing   to point out as i wrap up this review and kind of intro of this gimbal is that i do think that   the footage um watching the dogs play running around with them it was very very very smooth   compared to footage i've taken with my iphone just walking around crested butte i've done like   pursuit of fall colors where i'm walking around downtown crested butte or the main drag there and   i'm just holding my iphone and it is really really really really really jumpy and kind of jittery   this was nowhere like that and i was running and sprinting and i'm out of shape too so it was awful   really good but the app itself um it saves all of your pictures and videos onto the app you have to   review them on the app and then download them into your phone so just be aware of that that   also means that you have to create an account with the app manufacturer to store everything and that   means yes it's storing it in the cloud so until you download it from the app or it's using your   your iphone memory i'm not real clear on that which is something maybe aware of if you like   privacy and things like that it tells you it won't share things without your permission   but then it also doesn't tell you you have to like store things on the app before you   dab along to your phone overall the smooth 4 i think i recommend it for anybody who wants to   do any kind of videos just take regular home movies like back in the day hiking have your   footage look really really good and smooth and crisp definitely get it if you like this video   please like subscribe comment don't forget to check out my part two to the tour walkthrough   of my van bertha six months in like 15 000 miles what have i learned what do i regret   what would i change if i were to re-up and get another van in the future i go through maybe   eight to ten different things that i have observed about observed about the van that i would like to   change or probably will change in the future so until next time i'll see you in the next video you.

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