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Martin Raymond

About The Future Laboratory:

‘Solid, strategic thinking’, ‘transformational output’ and ‘actionable, original insights’. Again, these are some of phrases used by our other clients to describe our work. They say this because we offer them authoritative guidance, rigorous methodologies and a way of collaborating that always places you at the centre of all decisions made and actions agreed.

Our promise is a simple one – to help you realise your future by delivering business, brand, digital and innovation strategies that work. To achieve this, we work with LS:N Global, our insight division, to forecast change, and with Future Poll, our research division, to quantify change.

As our strategy and insight director, Tom Savigar puts it: ‘We deliver thinking and action plans that enhance a client’s future vision because we help them to distinguish the right trends to own, and to action.

Our combined methodology allows you to maximise the effectiveness and creativity of a strategy – be it brand, product, communications or operations – and to ensure that your decision-making is future-proof, relevant and pioneering.

This approach means that you can confidently assess, develop, align and manage your future business plans in ways that will distinguish your from your competition.

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